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Trophy Wall 2016


This page is intended to recognize the hard work of SFTC members that have won trophies at various GLTA tournaments throughout the world. If we've missed anyone here, please email

Tampa Bay Citrus Classic - Tampa 11/25-11/27

Kenny Evans - Open Singles Finalist
Jamey Bryant- B Singles Finalist
Kenny Evans/Steve Petranick - Open Doubles Champions
Travis Johnson - Open Doubles Finalist

HOUTEX36 - Houston 11/11-11/13

Eric Sullivan - C Singles Finalist
Humphrey Allen/Anthony Phillips - A Doubles Finalists
John Hardy - B Doubles Finalists

SFTC Club Championship - Ft. Lauderdale 11/4-11/6

Matt Lane - 4.5 Singles Champion
Steve Martinez - 4.5 Singles Finalist
Kenny Benartzi - 4.0 Singles Champion
Chris Beningo - 4.0 Singles Finalist
Eric Sullivan - 3.5 Singles Champion
Carlo Cantavero - 3.5 Singles Finalist
Mike Gula/Steve Martinez - Tier I Doubles Champions
Mike Delao/Phil Sokolov - Tier I Doubles Finalists
Gil Amaral/Mario Oliveira - Tier II Doubles Champions
Joe Chapin/Rick Schmutzler - Tier II Doubles Finalists

Texas Open - Dallas 9/30-10/2

Ken Croft - C Doubles Finalist

Capital Classic XXIV - Washington DC 9/16-9/18

Kenny Evans - Open Singles Finalist 
Kenny Evans/Steve Petranick - Open Doubles Finalists
Ken Croft - C Doubles Finalist

Peach International Tennis Championship - Decatur 9/2-9/5

Kenny Evans - Open Singles Champion
Kenny Evans - Open Doubles Champion
Humphrey Allen/Anthony Phillips - B Doubles Champions

New Hope Open - New Hope 8/27-8/29

Joe Chapin/Rick Schmutzler - B Doubles Champion 

Queen City Open - Cincinnati 8/26-8/28

Ken Croft - C Doubles Champion

Second City Classic - Chicago 8/12-8/14

Kenny Evans/Steve Petranick - Open Doubles Finalists

Columbus Classic - Columbus 7/22-7/24

Kenny Evans - Open Singles Champion

HOT14 - Austin 5/28-5/30

Ken Croft - C Doubles Finalist

Canadian Gay Open - Toronto 5/21-5/23

Dave Mclaren - Open Doubles Finalist

Alamo City Tennis Classic - San Antonio 4/29-5/1

Kenny Evans - Open Singles Champion

Orange Blossom Tennis Championship - Orlando 4/22-4/24

Kenny Evans - Open Singles Champion
Gregory Hicks - A Singles Champion
Mario Oliveira - B Singles Finalist
Alec Costa - B 40+ Singles Finalist
Robb Gardner - C 40+ Champion
Alec Costa- A Doubles Champion
Anthony Phillips - A Doubles Finalist
Mario Oliveira - B Doubles Champion

ATB Championships - Tampa 3/12-3/13

John Hardy/Humberto Rosa - B Doubles Finalist
Robb Gardner - C Doubles Champion

Clay Court Classic - Ft. Lauderdale 2/12-2/15

Steve Petranick - Open Singles Finalist
Michael Mcneal - B Singles Champion
John Durgan - B 40+ Singles Champion
Alec Costa - B 40+ Singles Finalist
Ted Gaela - C 40+ Singles Champion
Robb Gardner - C 40+ Singles Finalist
Andy Lennon/Phil Sokolov - A Doubles Finalist
Felix Colon/Robb Garnder - C Doubles Champions
Sammy Caceres/Stephen Wolff - D Doubles Finalists

Miami Art Deco Open XXI - Miami 1/16-1/18

Humphrey Allen - B Singles Champion
Mario Rueda - Open 40+ Singles Finalist
Rob O'Connor - A 40+ Singles Finalist
Stephen Wolff - D Singles Finalist
Vince Salazar- Open Doubles Finalist
Humphrey Allen/Kevin Sims - B Singles Finalists