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Trophy Wall 2019


This page is intended to recognize the hard work of SFTC members that have won trophies at various GLTA tournaments throughout the world. If we've missed anyone here, please email

Palm Springs Open 26 - Palm Springs, CA, Nov 29-Dec 1

Abe Hasbun - MD A Champion

Citrus Classic 2019 - Tampa, FL, Nov 29-Dec 1

Patrick Berkley - MD A Champion
David Chen - MS A40+ Champion
Brett Helms - MS B Champion
Shawn Chen - MS B40+ Champion
Michael O'Mahony - MS B40+ Finalist
Andrea Cornelissen - MD B Champion
Sahar Moghaddam - MD B Champion
Satoshi Hashimoto - MS C40+ Champion
Ted Gaela - MS C50+ Champion

Texas Open 2019 - Dallas, TX, September 27-29

Raul Mendez - MS Open Finalist
Raul Mendez - MD Open Finalist
Michael O'Mahony - MD B Finalist
Ekkachai Neal Jainuan - MD Finalist
Michael O'Mahony - Mixed Doubles B Champion
Andrea Cornelissen - Mixed Doubles B Champion

Capital Classic 2019 - Washington, DC, September 13-15

David Chen - MS A40+ Champion

Montreal Coupe de la Reine 2019 - Montreal, CA, Aug 31- Sep 2

David Chen - MS A Champion
David Chen - MD A Finalist

New Hope Open 2019 - New Hope, PA, August 24-26

David Chen - MD Open Champion

Paris Summer Cup 2019 - Paris, France, August 9-11

David Chen - MS A Finalist
David Chen - MD A Champion

2019 Second City Tennis Classic - Chicago, IL, August 9-11

Leo Julien - MD C Champion

Philadelphia Open 2019 - Philadelphia, PA, July 20-22

Eliu Montero - MS A Champion
Vince Salazar - MS A Finalist
Eliu Montero - MD A Finalist
Rene Elvir - MD A Finalist

2019 Liberty Open - New York, NY, July 5-7

Humberto Rosa - MS B50+ Champion

2019 Stonewall National Tournament - Raleigh, NC, June 21-23

John Matt Lane - MS A Finalist

Boston Tennis Classic 2019 - Boston, MA, June 14-19

David Chen - MD Open Finalist
John Durgan - MD B Champion
Michael O'Mahony - MS C40+ Finalist

Belgrade PlayOut Open 2019 - Beograd, Serbia May 31-June 2

David Chen - MS A Champion

Canadian Gay Open 2019 - Montreal, CA, May 18-20

David Chen - MD Open Champion

2019 Spring Fling - Ft. Lauderdale, FL, May 4-5

Humphrey Allen - MD Open Champion
Anthony Phillips - MD Open Champion
David Chen - MD Open Finalist
Rob Felt - MD Open Finalist
Mike Gula - MD A Champion
John Matthew Lane - MD A Champion
Mario Rueda - MD A Finalist
Silvio Silva - MD A Finalist
Joe Balchunas - MD B Champion
Joe Chapin - MD B Champion
Ted Gaela - MD B Finalist
Jeffrey Laymon - MD C Champion
Angel Perez - MD C Champion
Leo Julien - MD C Finalist
Mark Reyes - MD C Finalist

Orange Blossom Classic 2019 - Orlando, FL, April 6-8

Natasha Torres - Mixed Doubles B/C Champion
Ted Gaela - Mixed Doubles B/C Champion

Clay Court Classic - Ft. Lauderdale, FL, February 15-18

Robert Felt - MS Open Finalist 
Luis Zolezzi - MD Open Finalist
Erin Pasternack - Mixed Doubles Open/A Winner
David Chen - Mixed Doubles Open/A Finalist
Sheri Adler - Mixed Doubles Open/A Winner
Bill Steed - MD A Finalist
John Matt Lane - MD A Finalist
Trenton Conquest - MS B Finalist
Alec Costa - MS B 40+ Winner
Mark Elderkin - MS B 50+ Winner
Ted Gaela - MD B Winner
John Durgan - MD B Winner
Shawn Chen - MD B Finalist
Joe Chapin MD B Finalist
Alec Costa - Mixed Doubles B/C Winner
Andrea Cornelissen - Mixed Doubles B/C Winner
Bruno Trambusti - MS C 50+ Winner

Glam Slam Melbourne Midsumma - Melbourne, January 25-27

David Chen - MS Finalist
David Chen - MD Finalist

Miami Art Deco Open XXII - Miami, FL, January 13-16

Kenny Evans - MS Open Finalist
Vincent Salazar - MS A Winner
Kenny Evans - MD Open Finalist
Steve Petranick - MD Open Finalist